Meraki.Darling creates slow living travel experiences in the form of festive gatherings, small detox breaks from daily routine, through contemporary spirituality, creative activities, natural body movement and nature explorations….giving strong emphasis on the power of now, living & experiencing the present moment .

Our main goal is to experience a new contemporary way of living, a new way of experiencing holidays and the significance of dedicating the time to nurture our body & spirit as part of our continuous evolution. Through meditation, physical movement, handcrafts, long walks outdoors, sunsets gazing, board games, painting or cooking you can get to live in the present moment and reconnect with your deepest self. Most importantly you will indulge yourself with moments of relaxation, of self-love & self care. Either with a group of friends or family in or in one of our tailored made getaways on the island of Crete, one thing is sure, your body & spirit will thank you later for dedicating that time to yourself.

Creating memories from simply being present. Creating experiences through a slow process of enjoying all the little things you get to miss in your daily life. Making true a slow living attitude towards your vacations. Our carefully designed travel experiences do not follow a ”must” schedule or enforced detoxing from anything. On the contrary we wish to offer you an open safe space where relaxation and slowlife will be on top of your travel priority list.

Remind yourself what it feels like to spend few days as a child. Paint your feelings and your thoughts. Sing away your worries. Enjoy your break from life like your younger self would.
In a few words, allowing you the time and space, to live in a much slower pace where you can embrace all beautiful things life and nature has to offer you.